TJ O'Rourke & Associates

"providing business advice that works" 

“The significant problems we have today cannot be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them”

 Albert Einstein       

TJ O’Rourke & Associates is a specialist in business management that provides mentoring and proven business advice to managing directors and owners of small to medium enterprises since 1998.

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It is generally acknowledged that the position of managing director or business owner can be the loneliest position in business especially in small to medium size business where often the business has grown from the passion of its owner to work for themselves or the entrepreneur who has recognised an opportunity with a product or service.  TJ O’Rourke & Associates works closely with these businesses in dealing with the multitude of issues that face these businesses today and achieving successful outcomes with these issues.

Our business is about relationships and we build them with our clients by getting to know their business whilst demonstrating the benefits of our experience.

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