About TJ O’Rourke & Associates

Established in 1998, TJ O’Rourke & Associates continues to provide specialist advisory business management support to the wider business community both locally in Adelaide as well as supporting clients in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

TJ O’Rourke & Associates works closely with their clients to achieve successful outcomes both in terms of business performance and financial improvement. TJ O’Rourke & Associates users state of the art business technology to manage and monitor its client’s performance to ensure the desired and agreed outcomes are achieved.

It is generally acknowledged that the position of managing director or business owner can be the loneliest position in business especially in small to medium size business where often the business has grown from the passion of its owner to work for themselves or the entrepreneur who has recognised an opportunity with a product or service. TJ O’Rourke & Associates works closely with these businesses in dealing with the multitude of issues that face these businesses today and achieving successful outcomes with these issues.

Our business is about relationships and we build them with our clients by getting to know their business whilst demonstrating the benefits of our experience.


TJ O’Rourke & Associates offer a range of services, tailored to meet the needs of your business.  These include:

  • Business Mentoring & Coaching
  • Business Advisory & Planning
  • Business Performance Review
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Reporting Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Systems and Procedure Review & Development
  • Workforce Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Training
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Our Approach

TJ O’Rourke and Associates approach recognises that ‘one size does not fit all’ and therefore each Business Support Program is based on a thorough understanding of the needs of the individual organisation.  We listen first, and then develop innovative and practical solutions to address those needs.

We offer clients the assurance of:

  • A free no obligation two hour initial consultation to understand the organisation and its needs;
  • Confidentiality is implicit in all processes and arrangements;
  • A fixed price quotation on all Business Support Programs;
  • Clear definition and agreement on aims, objectives and outcomes for our clients Business Support Program.

That’s how we do business – straightforward, down to earth advice and services that work in the real world

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Strategic Alliances

In addition to the services offered by TJ O’Rourke & Associates we have developed strong strategic alliances with the following companies:

Application Service Provider

Application Service Provider (ASP) have been providing IT system support to a wide range of clients from national corporations to sole traders since 1996.  Drawing on their extensive knowledge of networks and providing client access to ASP’s own centralised server farms, ASP act as IT systems administrator for their  clients, taking care of the day to day tasks associated with system maintenance be it at their own aspcentre or the client’s sites.  ASP are experts in remote data management and offer specialised IT support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Build Your Board

Build Your Board work with new and long established organisations who wish to develop an effective and efficient Board of Executive and Non Executive Directors, with a strong focus for excellence in disciplines such as;

  1. Corporate Governance
  2. Financial Management & Compliance
  3. Strategic Direction
  4. Quality Assurance

MGF Consulting

MGF Consulting  is a boutique management and marketing advisory firm focused on delivering specialised solutions to organisations seeking to maximise opportunities in their respective markets.

Providing effective and efficient advisory services to our clients is our mission.

Established in 1999 MGF Consulting have continued to provide advisory services that are built on providing optimum level support through change management, along with an “individualistic”approach to each clients’ situation and needs

Consulting Services Opportunities

In November 2018, Terence O’Rourke Principal of TJ O’Rourke & Associates took on the role of Regional Director South Australia for the Trust Advisor Network.


The Regional Director is responsible for the recruitment of Local Business Directors within South Australia as well assisting businesses with a systematic business review using specialist propriety software “BOSS” (Business Optimising Software System)

The aim of the TAN is simple

In any industry the following is true…

The Top 20% of businesses in your industry make 80% of the money, the bottom 80% of businesses only make the remaining 20%…

Our interest is finding business owners who want to be in the top 20%, making the 80%…

If this sounds like you then we should talk about how we can assist you make this happen.

Book in for a 15 minute phone call below… we’ll ask a few questions about your situation… then we can work out next steps – usually a meeting.

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